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Inline Ultrasonic Atomization Spray System Ultrasonic Medical Device Coating Machine

Inline Ultrasonic Atomization Spray System Ultrasonic Medical Device Coating Machine

Inline Ultrasonic Atomization Spray System, Ultrasonic Medical Device Coating Machine, Medical Device Coating Machine

Product Details:

Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading inline ultrasonic atomization spray system ultrasonic medical device coating machine manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our inline ultrasonic atomization spray system ultrasonic medical device coating machine at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

Inline ultrasonic atomization spray system

Product Description

Inline ultrasonic atomization spray system because of its characteristics are used in the manufacture and spraying of precision instruments, the most common is involved in medical equipment surface coating, high-end electronic products, spraying. In the past ultrasonic atomization spray line production technology for the well-known foreign companies have mastered the domestic in this area has been in a blank, leading to intervention in medical products demand depends on imports. CHEERSONIC ultrasonic liquid spray as the industry leader in not only the development of 120khz ultrasonic atomization spray equipment, more companies to provide ultrasonic spray coating line program to achieve automatic sterile, dust-free operation, precision instruments and equipment for the nationalization of manufacturing to provide more possibility.


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Program Characteristics

In order to establish good relations of cooperation, CHEERSONIC provide free testing and trial services.


Free Testing

CHEERSONIC offers free testing to help customers understand the performance and compatibility of ultrasonic atomization spray products. The following steps, online message or telephone consultation, our sales engineers will be given within 24 hours of the corresponding preliminary advice, after consultation to determine the program submitted to the technical engineer review, for less than technical engineers and customers for further consultation and resolution, this The process will be carried out several times to achieve the optimal program, sample test, technical engineers will be based on the actual test results are given the final program.


Trial Service

If you want to test the effectiveness of ultrasonic atomization spray line equipment in your own business long-term operation, you can hire the existing standard equipment. If necessary, can be a message or telephone to my company, sales engineers will contact you within 24 hours of consultation with specific trial services.


Product Features


Customized solutions fit perfectly with your existing production lines

Integrated operation, simple operation

Sterile, dust-free operation

Ultra-low flow, continuous or intermittent operation, to improve the spraying efficiency

Gentle spray characteristics to replace conventional pressure spray




The use of ultrasonic spraying line program can achieve results

80% reduction in material consumption

Reduce the waste of over-spraying and reduce the pollution caused by spraying

Reduce scrap rates

Almost no component wear

Reduced maintenance and downtime

Long-term spray results are consistent

The coating is uniform and compact

Achieve a sterile, dust-free environment


Main configuration

Control system: self-developed 6-axis control system

Can be set to automatic mode, jog debugging mode, with security system

Mechanical drive: Servo motor

Support: aluminum alloy, surface oxidation

Surrounded with acrylic window

Touch screen: 7-inch touch screen, friendly human-computer interaction interface

Spray height can be set, programmable spraying process

Spray head: high-strength titanium alloy, can be configured with air flow guide, external guide spray system


Ultrasonic atomization spray technology is used almost any kind of substrate coating, to achieve a uniform micron thickness of the coating, and even nano-coating thickness. In addition, ultrasonic atomization spray technology is applied to:

Medicine: stent spraying, catheter coating, balloon coating, blood sampling, medical gauze spraying

Electronics: sensor coating, lens coating, touch screen spraying, digital product coating

Energy: solar thin film coating, solar photovoltaic panel spraying, polysilicon solar panel spraying

Glass: Stained glass, anti-reflective glass, scratch-resistant glass, glass

Nanomaterials: graphene coating, nano-pigments, carbon nanotube / nanowire coatings, nano-coatings

About Cheersonic

Cheersonic Ultrasonics is located in the beautiful Fuchun River - Hangzhou, Fuyang, transportation is very convenient. Companies registered capital of 5 million yuan, not only has a complete production and testing facilities, and strong technical force, professional engineers, technical team Ph.D., senior graduate students and external experts, will guide the new field of ultrasonic technology.

The company is a production, research and ultrasonic technology products, expertise, ultrasonic welding technology, ultrasonic chemical engineering, biological engineering and other areas of ultrasound technology in the domestic leading level. Especially the development and application of high-power and core components, not only with high technical content, quality and stability of humanity today to promote "low-carbon, efficient", "technology is changing society" played a significant role in promoting.

The company has "exploration, development, integrity, atmospheric" business philosophy; "quality first, users first" quality policy, planning every inch of the company's "footprint." The company will wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers, the community contact us!

Main products or services: ultrasonic; transducer; vibrator; welding; cutting; atomization; molten metal; sound chemistry;


Q: Do you have any certifications about your product?

A: Yes. Cheersonic is professional manufactury of ultrasonic products and approved by CE, TUV, ISO 9000.

Q: Do you have the sample test service? 

A: Yes. Just ship your sample to Cheersonic. Our engineer will suggest the proper machine and make experiment and take video for you.It is free.

Q: What’s the warranty of your product?

A: Three year warranty for our product.

Q: How many countries have you exported?

A: Cheersonic has been exported products all around the world, such as Europe, America, India and so on.

Q: Could you do the customized product for special use?

A: Cheersonic is professional ultrasonic equipment manufactory with more than 20 years experience. We could supply not only standard but also customized products for you.

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