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Ultrasonic Low-E Glass Coating Spraying Machine

Ultrasonic Low-E Glass Coating Spraying Machine

Ultrasonic Low-E Glass Coating Spraying Machine

Product Details:

Ultrasonic Low-E Glass Coating Spraying Machine

Low-E Glass

Low Emissivity glass is also called low-e glass, low-e is short for Low Emissivity in English. Low-e glass that is using vacuum magnetron sputtering method on the glass surface plating contains a layer or two or even three layer of silver film system, to reduce the energy absorption or control the energy exchange between indoor and outdoor, safeguard vity comfort of life and work, and thus achieve the goal of environmental protection and energy saving.

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Low-E Glass Results

CHEERSONIC glass coating spray systems provide maximum efficiency and control of deposition parameters due to the soft nature of ultrasonic spray, and non-clogging atomization process. Unlike pressure nozzles, liquid is not forced through the nozzle orifice with pressure, but instead flows onto the nozzle’s atomizing surface where the spray is broken into droplets of almost identical size. Up to 80% reduction in spray material, as well as drastic reductions in maintenance, cleanup and exhaust requirements are reported with our ultrasonic spray systems.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Spraying Machine

CHEERSONIC developed ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment spraying fine particles having a 10 ~ 100μm, coating evenly dense coating, Low-E Glass guarantee of low emissivity. And because the ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment with high efficiency, low cost, quality and other characteristics, I believe ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment will be widely used in the Low-E Glass coating process in the near future.

Low-E Glass Coating Spraying Video

Standard Parameter 



Spray Head



55 Khz

Max Power

30 Watt

Drops Sizes

15-25 microns



Generator Model


Generator Size


Generator Brand


Generator N/W


Cable Length




Introduction and Advantages  

Cheersonic Ultrasonic spray nozzle systems are replacing pressure nozzles in a wide range of industrial and R&D applications. Concerns over the environment and unacceptable quantities of waste have caused scientists, engineers and designers to adopt ultrasonic spray nozzle systems as a technology that is more precise, more controllable, and a more environmentally friendly coating application.

• Multiple probe options

• Repeatable spray performance and very low flow rate capabilities

• Spray patterns are easily shaped for precise coating applications

• Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results

• No moving parts to wear out and non-clogging

• Reduce material consumption, wasteful overspray and atmospheric contamination 

Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading ultrasonic low-e glass coating spraying machine manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our ultrasonic low-e glass coating spraying machine at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

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