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Portable Soldering Iron Ultrasonic Glass Soldering Iron

Portable Soldering Iron Ultrasonic Glass Soldering Iron

Portable Soldering Iron Ultrasonic Glass Soldering Iron

Product Details:

Ultrasonic Glass Soldering Iron


Glass surface is smooth, general welding equipment is difficult to weld metal and glass, but the ultrasonic soldering iron welding glass and metal components easily. When the ultrasonic soldering iron welding glass welding point firmly, time is short.

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Glass Results

Ultrasonic soldering is a flux-less soldering process that uses ultrasonic energy, without the need for chemicals to solder materials, such as glass, ceramics, and composites, hard to solder metals and other sensitive components which cannot be soldered using conventional means.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Soldering Iron

Ultrasonic soldering systems offer the advantage of the fluxless soldering of many metals in common use as well as previously difficult to solder materials such as aluminium, ceramics, glass and silicon’s used in microelectronic applications. We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines.

Glass Soldering Iron Video

Standard Parameter 






55 KHZ

Max Power

15 Watt

Soldering time

0.01-99.99 S

Handle Weight

0.3 Kg

Generator Model


Generator Size


Generator Brand


Generator N/W


Cable Length





Ultrasonic soldering systems, which is rated at 80W and can reach temperatures of up to 450°C, and is fitted with interchangeable screw in copper bits. The ultrasonic transducer is built into the soldering iron handle and the need to prevent this unit being overheated necessitates the continuous use of a cooling air supply.

The 40 kHz standard ultrasonic generators are separately housed in a sheet metal case with carrying handle and with soldering iron rest attached to one side. The generator has five levels of power plus a zero power level that allows the soldering iron to be used in the conventional manner. The ultrasonic power is applied to the iron as required by means of a footswitch. 

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