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Standard Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Horn Natural Pigment Ultrasonic Extraction

Standard Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Horn Natural Pigment Ultrasonic Extraction

Standard Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Horn, Natural Pigment Ultrasonic Extraction, Ultrasonic Extraction, Ultrasonic Extraction Machine

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Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading standard ultrasonic sonochemistry horn natural pigment ultrasonic extraction manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our standard ultrasonic sonochemistry horn natural pigment ultrasonic extraction at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

Ultrasonic Liquid Processer


Ultrasonic waves in the liquid medium, through mechanical action, cavitation and thermal effects, resulting in mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical and chemical and a series of effects. High-power ultrasound, will have a strong cavitation, which in the formation of instantaneous high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and micro-jet. For chemical extraction, biodiesel production and sonochemical reactions, a very small local environment conducive to the reaction process can be obtained, which greatly improves the reaction rate and reduces the reaction conditions.


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High energy conversion efficiency of over 80%.

Ultrasonic equipment, stable amplitude, continuous long working hours, the radiation area than the traditional tool head 2.5 times.

The use of ultrasonic digital power supply, all-digital circuit control, anti-interference ability.

Frequency, power can be real-time monitoring, adjustable power sub-file, with automatic alarm protection, easy to operate.

Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment is mainly used for large-scale production, large capacity, high efficiency, 24-hour work, and has a real-time monitoring of power frequency and power adjustable and so on.



The application of acoustic equipment is so wide that it is widely used in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, cosmetics, superfine and nano-particles production, small test and pilot test, ultrasonic dispersion, emulsion preparation, Capsule preparation and other fields play its advanced role. Ultrasound is a hotspot in the research and development of biomass resources. The most representative work is ultrasonic extraction for plant active ingredients and ultrasonic for the preparation of biodiesel.

Ultrasonic Liquid Processer Series

Ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic extraction system, an important component, can be selected as: digital / analog.

Ultrasonic transducer, CHEERSONIC ultrasonic transducer as a standard core components, in 2000 through the CE certification and the German Rhine certification, according to the custom program for non-standard pieces of production.

Ultrasonic horn, it can be customized according to the actual situation. Optional for the section shape, dumbbell-style, water chestnut type. Material for the titanium alloy. The tool head length (below the flange length) ranges from 60 to 790 mm; the tool head diameter ranges from 3 to 80 mm. Flange can be customized.



Ultrasonic Horn Properties

Ultrasonic horns (also called sonotrodes) are devices used to amplify the vibration amplitudes provided by ultrasonic transducers and deliver the acoustic energy to the processed liquids. CHEERSONIC supplies several types of high-efficiency ultrasonic horns as parts of its laboratory, bench and industrial-scale liquid processors.


Barbell Ultrasonic Horn

Barbell Horn Process is able to output the ultrasonic energy into greater volumes of working liquids while still maintaining high amplitudes. Barbell horns are appropriate for large-scale batch liquid processing and investigations. These devices can have large output tip diameters (up to about 80 mm) and are able to generate very high ultrasonic amplitudes and power densities, creating large cavitation zones and delivering substantial amounts of power to liquids. When inserted up to their lower nodal point, these horns produce one major cavitation zone under the output tip. Downward liquid streaming in the cavitation zone helps mixing the liquids during batch mode operation.



Prism Type Horn

Prism type horns are suitable for small-scale process investigations and some industrial production. Able to provide very high ultrasonic amplitudes and power densities, these horns cannot deliver significant amounts of total power to liquids because their output tip diameters are small, which limits cavitation zone volumes they are able to generate. Therefore, it is not suitable for dispersing, demulsifying such applications (the liquid content of the larger solids), but Prism type horns is well suited for industrial extraction and laboratory studies.


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Founded in 1998, Cheersonic is the manufacturer and marketer of industrial ultrasonic products. As an industrial leader of ultrasonic technology, Cheersonic specializes in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of ultrasonic products in the line of food process, plastics joining, medical coating and ultrasonic processing. Cheersonics principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Fuyang, Zhejiang province.

We develop and produce ultrasonic equipments which we sell as complete units or individual assembles such as generators and converters. Our customers and special purpose machine builders benefit from high-quality components and machines with simple, user-friendly operation. We are committed to providing solutions that can meets the needs of our customers, providing the latest in technology, both in products and processes.

For us, quality is not just an empty word but a basic attitude which is the foundation for our thinking and actions. Each product haschecked by our QC department before sending to our customers.

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