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Ultrasonic Pate And Terrine Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine

Ultrasonic Pate And Terrine Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine

Ultrasonic Pate and Terrine Cutting Machine Ultrasonic food Portioning Machine

Product Details:

Ultrasonic Pate and Terrine Cutting Machine

Pate and Terrine

Pate is a type of meat paste, terrine or pie.

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Pate and Terrine Results

Making things easy for you with our range of Pate and terrine ultrasonic slicers machine. The immediate benefit you will see is quality of cut-particularly in the case of pate, where the product contains additional content such as nuts or fruit. Portion weight control is easily achieved, as is the implementation of different portioning programs according to different product types. The equipment is ideal for low to medium output operations, which demand a configurable and easy-to-use machine with all the benefits of ultrasonic cutting. And it is a perfect fit for meat which can exhibit variable weight and cannot easily be cut with conventional systems - sometimes resulting in poor yield, unacceptable giveaway or quality issues. Controlling the portioning process is essential for meat manufacturers or distributors. Being able to cut products accurately with the minimum of waste and with through put meeting customer demands is vitally important in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Slicing Machine

CHEERSONIC offers technology and equipment that is reliable and controllable – and backs it up with unparalleled service and support. Click here for more information on Ultrasonic Food Processing.We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines.

Pate and Terrine Slicing Video

Standard Parameter 



Blade Material



20 KHZ

Max Power

800 Watt

Length of Blade


Height of Blade


Generator Model


Generator Size


Generator Brand


Generator N/W


Cable Length




Introduction and Advantages 

Ultrasonic food cutting apparatus for cutting food, instead of the traditional food cutting machine, cutting machine address the traditional foods produced uneven, large and small, the appearance of defects, sticking knives and other issues, we can see the advantages of the ultrasonic food cutting equipment. CHEERSONIC ultrasonic ultrasonic blade with titanium material production, having never worn advantages for the companies to save a lot of blade maintenance costs. Moreover ultrasonic food cutting equipment is simple, saving time, labor, forming a longitudinal cross-section, product size, weight and other advantages of consistent standards. 

Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading ultrasonic pate and terrine cutting machine ultrasonic food portioning machine manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our ultrasonic pate and terrine cutting machine ultrasonic food portioning machine at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

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