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Ultrasonic Cream Cake Slicing Machine Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cream Cake Slicing Machine Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cake Slicing Machine, Ultrasonic Food Cutting Equipment, Ultrasonic Cake Cutter, Cake Cutting Machine

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Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading ultrasonic cream cake slicing machine ultrasonic cake cutting machine manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our ultrasonic cream cake slicing machine ultrasonic cake cutting machine at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

Cream Cake
The currently widely used cream cake cutting machine adopts the ordinary stainless steel knife, while cooperate with production line to achieve automatic cutting, but the cream is easy to stick a knife, need cleaning often to stop the knife, the production efficiency is low. In addition, ordinary stainless steel knife when cutting the force ACTS on the cream cake is very big, easy to damage the overall appearance, cream cake high rejection rate, result in an increase in the cost of production.

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Cream Cake Results
CHEERSONIC ultrasonic food cutting equipment research and development, is the ultrasonic function is introduced into the food cutting, mainly using excessive vibration cutting, it is better than the ordinary cutting excellent machining performance. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment is by applying high frequency vibration on the conventional cutting tool, intermittent contact in the cutting tool and a cream cake, which result in fundamental changes of traditional cutting model. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment does not need the sharp blade, also do not need a lot of cutting pressure. Therefore, not cause deformation of cream cakes. At the same time, due to the frictional resistance of ultrasonic food cutting equipment in vibration, the cream is not easy to stick on the blade, basic to eliminate the phenomenon of stick knives, cutting equipment advantages can be seen from the visible on ultrasonic food.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Slicing Machine
CHEERSONIC production of ultrasonic food cutting equipment, its degree of automation and production efficiency is improved, an ultrasonic food cutting equipment with the customer asked to complete section, a section of homework, cutting quality has improved significantly. Ultrasonic food not only to the cream cake cutting cutting equipment obvious advantages, its application range, can be used to cut the cake, cheese, bread, the cutting, etc.

About Cheersonic

Cheersonic Ultrasonics is located in the beautiful Fuchun River - Hangzhou, Fuyang, transportation is very convenient. Companies registered capital of 5 million yuan, not only has a complete production and testing facilities, and strong technical force, professional engineers, technical team Ph.D., senior graduate students and external experts, will guide the new field of ultrasonic technology.

The company is a production, research and ultrasonic technology products, expertise, ultrasonic welding technology, ultrasonic chemical engineering, biological engineering and other areas of ultrasound technology in the domestic leading level. Especially the development and application of high-power and core components, not only with high technical content, quality and stability of humanity today to promote "low-carbon, efficient", "technology is changing society" played a significant role in promoting.

The company has "exploration, development, integrity, atmospheric" business philosophy; "quality first, users first" quality policy, planning every inch of the company's "footprint." The company will wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers, the community contact us!

Main products or services: ultrasonic; transducer; vibrator; welding; cutting; atomization; molten metal; sound chemistry;

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Q: What is your product packaging?

A: generally cartons or wooden boxes, mainly in the main wooden box, the box will also be added within the shock of the bubble or shredding.

Q: If the product problems, how to repair?

A: It is generally recommended to send the product back to the company for repair.

Q: What are the payment methods, whether there are security risks?

A: The payment is absolutely safe. General payment advice on the public account to play money. This supplier also supports L / C, T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal payments for offline orders.

Q: Can your company's products be customized?

A: Of course, the company's products will be more customers the actual needs of production is also developed.

Q: Can I test?

A: Of course, we generally recommend that customers send samples first, the company will be tested, and make video to allow customers to understand the intuitive.

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