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Economy-HFM3000 Ultrasonic Cutting Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Economy-HFM3000 Ultrasonic Cutting Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Economy Ultrasonic Cutting, Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine, Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Product Details:

Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading economy-hfm3000 ultrasonic cutting ultrasonic food portioning machine ultrasonic food cutter manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our economy-hfm3000 ultrasonic cutting ultrasonic food portioning machine ultrasonic food cutter at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

Ultrasonic Cake Slicing Machine




CHEERSONIC develops ultrasonic food cutting equipment, which is an independent ultrasonic food cutting equipment. It can be used to cut bakery, frozen food, snack food, cutting patterns. Various rectangular, square, triangular, diamond and fan shape. Company or bakery. This ultrasonic food cutting economical equipment is equipped with high quality titanium alloy cutting tools, which is developed by CHEERSONIC Ultrasonic to achieve the best cutting effect.


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Manual operation

Self-adjusting cutting mode and size

Simple and inexpensive equipment for small bakery applications



Clean and easy to clean

Easy to cut, to prevent sticking knife phenomenon

Cutting patterns are diverse, rectangular, square, triangular, rhombic, fan-shaped

Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, including cream products can adapt

Custom cutting models can be customized according to customer requirements

About Cheersonic

HANGZHOU CHEERSONIC UlLTRASONICS EQUIPMENTS CO., LIMITED is an innovative and innovative company in China integrating technology, manufacturing, sales and service as a leading product for power ultrasonic applications. It is headquartered in Fuyang, Zhejiang.

The products are mainly used in food cutting, electronic spraying, flux spraying, ultrasonic extraction, traditional Chinese medicine extraction, essential oil extraction, fabric sewing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, And other fields, with a complete, scientific quality management system. HANGZHOU CHEERSONIC UlLTRASONICS EQUIPMENTS CO., LIMITED's reputation, service, strength and product quality have been recognized and praised by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations.


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Q: Do you have any certifications about your product?

A: Yes. Cheersonic is professional manufactury of ultrasonic products and approved by CE, TUV, ISO 9000.

Q: Do you have the sample test service? 

A: Yes. Just ship your sample to Cheersonic. Our engineer will suggest the proper machine and make experiment and take video for you.It is free.

Q: What’s the warranty of your product?

A: Three year warranty for our product.

Q: How many countries have you exported?

A: Cheersonic has been exported products all around the world, such as Europe, America, India and so on.

Q: Could you do the customized product for special use?

A: Cheersonic is professional ultrasonic equipment manufactory with more than 20 years experience. We could supply not only standard but also customized products for you.




Ultrasonic food slicing equipment for cake room, small food processing workshops, handheld user-friendly design for a long time will not make people tired, convenient and convenient for all kinds of baked goods.


  Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine
Machine Size Blade Custom+Electric Box 375x350x175mm
Weight 20kg
Voltage 220v
Idle time <3min
Cutting Speed 30times/min
Temperature Range >-11℃
Height of the Effective Blade 60mm
Length of the Effective Blade 300mm
Mechanical Material Aluminum Alloy
Blade Material Titanium
Operation Mode Semi-automatic
Operation Interface Touch Screen
Food Loading Mode Manual
Cutting Can Control Height  YES
Cutting Can Control Angle  /
Cutting Accuracy ±0.2mm
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