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Ultrasonic Bread Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Food Slitting Machine

Ultrasonic Bread Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Food Slitting Machine

Ultrasonic Bread Cutting Machine Ultrasonic food Slitting Machine

Product Details:

Ultrasonic Bread Cutting Machine


Belongs to food of porous bread, it is more than empty spongy structure, so the bread itself vulnerable to compression deformation, and the middle is easy to stick knife cream sandwich, using traditional food cutting device easily twisted affect beautiful, also need to often stop knife to clean.

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Bread Results

But if use CHEERSONIC cutting equipment developed by ultrasonic ultrasonic food can achieve very good effect. Because ultrasonic food cutting equipment is the use of high frequency wave vibration to rapid processing of bread, so almost no friction resistance, blade and compartment to use small cutting force cutting work will be finished. Ultimately achieve neat, smooth cutting surface and greatly reduce cutting scrap, cutting butter will not stick the knife from natural downtime. Chi fly developed by ultrasonic cutting equipment reasonable use ultrasonic ultrasonic food not only has realized the cost minimization, minimum maintenance cost, and greatly improve the cutting quality of the bread.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Slicing Machine

Our machinery is designed to handle both savoury and sweet bakery products – from pies, bread and pizzas through to cakes, pastries, flapjacks and brownies. Chilled or ambient temperature cutting is achieved with excellent cut quality and repeatability. As well as offering the key benefits of controlled portion size, increased quality and labour savings, our systems can dramatically increase productivity. CHEERSONIC research and development of ultrasonic food slicing machine can reduce the food scraps, so reduces the downtime to clean production system, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

Bread Slicing Video

Standard Parameter 



Blade Material



20 KHZ

Max Power

1000 Watt

Length of Blade


Height of Blade


Generator Model


Generator Size


Generator Brand


Generator N/W


Cable Length




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