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Ultrasonic Resin Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Resin Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Resin Cutting Machine Ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

Product Details:

Ultrasonic Resin Cutting Machine


The cured resin has good physical and chemical properties, its surface of the metal and non-metallic material has excellent adhesion strength, good dielectric properties, change set small shrinkage, good dimensional stability, high hardness, flexibility preferably, alkali and most of the solvent stable, which is widely used in various sectors of national defense, national economy, for pouring, dipping, laminating materials, adhesives, coatings and other uses.

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Resin Results

CHEERSONIC ultrasonic resin cutting equipment is driven by the ultrasonic power supply, make the vibration zi chan was born, using ultrasonic energy, local transient heating melting, it will be cut materials, so as to achieve the aim of cutting materials. Ultrasonic cutting and the advantages of a large, is it at the same time of cutting, the cutting part has the fusion effect. Cutting parts are perfectly sealing side, can prevent by cutting material organization loose (such as textile material flash).

The Effect of Ultrasonic Slicing Machine

Ultrasonic rubber cutting equipment is a rubber cutting device, its main function is to help customers quickly cut rubber, artificial cutting efficiency is ten times more than the quality of the crop is more than three times the normal round knife. Such a high-efficiency ultrasonic rubber cutting equipment is CHEERSONIC to rubber production enterprise specialized production of ultrasonic rubber cutting equipment advent of saving a lot of labor costs, greatly improving the cutting efficiency, improve tool life 3--5 years.

Resin Slicing Video

Standard Parameter 



Blade Material



20 KHZ

Max Power

800 Watt

Length of Blade


Height of Blade


Generator Model


Generator Size


Generator Brand


Generator N/W


Cable Length




Introduction and Advantages 

Ultrasonic rubber cutting machine can smoothly cut difficult-to-cut materials. They are small enough to be hand-held for many operations. They can also be attached to automated machinery arms. The ultrasonic cutter vibrates its blade with an amplitude of 10 - 70 µm in the longitudinal direction.  ultrasonic vibration is microscopic, so it cannot be seen. The movement repeats 20,000 - 40,000 times per second (20 - 40 kHz). Because of this movement, the ultrasonic cutter can easily cut rubber, resin, film, composite materials .

• Fast speed

• High efficiency

• No pollution

• High precision cutting

• No deformation of rubber

• Easy to apply to automated production

• Cutting surface finish, good adhesion properties

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Professional in ultrasonic field, CHEERSONIC is well-known as one of the leading ultrasonic resin cutting machine ultrasonic rubber cutting machine manufacturers. Customized business is also offered in our factory. Now, welcome to wholesale our ultrasonic resin cutting machine ultrasonic rubber cutting machine at reasonable price and get the free sample with us.

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